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Homeless deaths in LA County doubled between 2013 and 2018

Being homeless in LA "is becoming increasingly deadly," says a new report.

LA awards $24.3M for homeless housing at West LA VA campus

It’s the first piece of a much larger revamp of the sprawling campus.

LA approves $358.1M for 2,998 affordable apartments

One of the projects to get Measure HHH funding? A contested development in Chatsworth.

Bridge housing for families opens in old Hollywood mansion

It will house up to 40 young women and their children.

No more environmental review for homeless shelters

Under a new state law, emergency shelters and affordable housing projects in LA are now exempt from CEQA.

‘Building in the quickest time possible’: Modular homeless housing rising in Westlake

The builder says they’re cutting construction time in half.

City attorney asks Supreme Court to rule on where homeless can sleep

Among the questions Mike Feuer wants the court to answer: How many shelter beds, exactly, does Los Angeles need to build before it can enforce sidewalk laws?

LA poised to scale back proposed restrictions on where homeless can sleep

Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, who introduced the rules, said today that he’s ready to "revisit" them.

LA gearing up to spend $336M to build 2,998 apartments for homeless residents

It will tap the last remaining Measure HHH money, a $1.2 billion bond voters approved for homeless housing.

LA County will ask Supreme Court to uphold bans against sleeping on sidewalks

The vote was split, but some supervisors say they are otherwise "powerless to address camping in public places."

Affordable, permanent supportive housing development slated for Mar Vista

The housing would be aimed at the homeless and people with disabilities.

Contested plan to build homeless housing on youth rec site in Echo Park forges ahead

Building the permanent supportive housing complex would require demolishing basketball courts and recreation space for kids run by the nonprofit El Centro del Pueblo.

LA Mayor confirms he gave White House tours of homeless projects

The Trump administration is reportedly considering putting homeless people into government-backed facilities to get them off the streets of Los Angeles.

Hollywood library converted to emergency homeless shelter for women

"This building is about second chances."

100-bed shelter would pop up next to Los Feliz’s Mulholland Memorial

Plus showers, storage, and a lounge area.

‘These are your HHH dollars at work’

Backed by $12 million in Measure HHH funding, 85 apartments for homeless and low-income residents get underway in El Sereno.

City controller ‘skeptical’ of progress combating LA’s homeless crisis

The remark came after releasing an audit skewering the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s methods for tracking outreach to homeless residents.

Handsome new affordable housing complex the Coronel makes its Hollywood debut

Designed by KFA, the 54-unit development adapted two historic Pueblo-style bungalows into the site along with two sleek modern structures.

Congresswoman asks LA mayor to defend laws that criminalize homelessness

The House Financial Services Committee convened in Los Angeles for a special meeting on homelessness.

800 women live without shelter in Skid Row. Now 25 have a safe place to sleep

The number of women experiencing homelessness countywide swelled 13 percent in the last year.

LA reinstates ban on sleeping overnight in cars

Homeless advocates call the law—which is now set to expire in January—"brutal," "cruel," and "draconian."

Homeless advocates challenge constitutionality of sweeps, seizures

Attorneys say the city is destroying property that homeless residents "need to survive on the streets."

LA’s ban on sleeping in vehicles lapses

It reportedly won’t be enforced until at least the end of the month.

Whittier plans homeless shelter: ‘People will be scared to let their kids go outside’

It’s the latest community to pushback against shelters as the homeless population swells.

Construction set to begin on Venice homeless shelter

Workers have already begun assembling parts of the shelter offsite and are expected to finish construction within the next three months.

Mayor announces more ‘sensitive’ approach to cleanup around homeless encampments

Under the new approach, homeless residents might also be trained and hired to clean city streets and sidewalks themselves, Garcetti says.

City Council releases $2.7M for Skid Row bathrooms, outreach teams

The area’s councilmember acknowledges the money should have been approved sooner.

Inspectors cite dozens of Skid Row businesses for ‘overflowing dumpsters,’ ‘rodent burrows’

With the homeless population growing, officials recommend adding public bathrooms countywide.

LA Mayor takes ‘full responsibility’ for homeless crisis response

The homeless population has swelled 58 percent on Mayor Eric Garcetti’s watch.

Councilmember pushing to tax landlords who keep apartments vacant

Landlords, he says, are keeping "housing units empty while tens of thousands of Angelenos are forced to live on the streets because of the high cost of housing."

‘It would be naive to ignore the connection between evictions and homelessness’

A new report implores officials to adopt a permanent rent control measure in LA County.

Councilmembers say other cities sending homeless residents to LA

Are cities outside LA illegally enforcing laws against sleeping on sidewalks?

LA’s homeless crisis is getting worse. Here are the stats

The numbers are sobering.

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7 ways you can help the homeless in Los Angeles

From donating goods to advocating for more housing, here’s how to help tackle the crisis.

‘It is heartbreaking’: LA County’s homeless population grows 12 percent

Service providers and local officials are struggling to explain the alarming results of this year’s homeless count.

The May massacre of California’s housing bills

Democrats hold a supermajority—but failed to exercise any of their power to fix the housing crisis.

‘A place of warmth, growth, and essential service’

The first homeless housing and services center funded with the $1.2 billion bond approved by LA voters in 2016 is now open in the Valley.

Police won’t seize property of homeless residents in Downtown LA for three years

City Councilmember says the new agreement will have a "detrimental effect on setting sound homelessness policy."

Ad campaign for homeless housing targets NIMBYs

"It’s time to say ‘yes’ to building" housing for the homeless, says 72andSunny producer.