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Los Angeles Real Estate Market Reports

News, analysis, and trends in LA's housing market.

You need to earn $127K to afford a home in LA

Only 25 percent of residents countywide can afford the purchase.

Report: Inglewood home prices skyrocket 63 percent

"It’s popping over here," one real estate agent says.

6 open houses to check out this weekend around Mid-City

Options include Craftsman cottages, a glammed-up Spanish bungalow, a sleek contemporary townhouse, and a quaint 1920s Colonial Revival

Is the city winding up to regulate tenancy in common?

Tenancy in common is a new path to homeownership in LA.

How much does it cost to buy a house in LA right now?

Homebuyers hoping for prices to come down amid a recession might need to keep on waiting (or give up hope).

Is a bike tour through West Adams a sign of gentrification?

"West Adams is selling fast," says the real estate agent who led the tour.

LA home prices smash all-time record—again

July sales prices were $17,000 higher than a month before.

TICs are changing LA’s housing market—for better, and worse

There’s a new, more affordable way of buying property in Los Angeles.

LA home prices inch up to new all-time high: $618K

Price growth is slow, but steady—and homes in the area have never cost more.

657 rent-controlled apartments stripped from LA’s rental market in three months

That’s seven units lost per day.

San Fernando Valley home prices shatter all-time record

But "as long as they’re priced right, homes in the southern Valley are still selling like crazy," one real estate agent says.

LA County home prices tie an all-time record

Median sale price: $615,000.

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Is it better to buy or rent in Los Angeles?

Is now a good time to buy? And can renting ever save you money in the long run?

Will a recession fix LA’s housing crisis?

"A recession tends to be a buyer’s market," says Jerry Nickelsburg, director of UCLA’s Anderson Forecast.

LA home prices back up over $600k

After leveling off in winter, the cost of buying is approaching an all-time record.

Zillow will start flipping houses in LA

The company’s model is similar to traditional house-flipping—but at a scale that few individual investors could match.

New study: Housing costs are exacerbating gap between rich, poor in LA

The amount that lower-income residents spend on housing is climbing, but it’s dipping for upper income earners.

The median home price in Los Angeles County? $597K

"Prices have more or less flattened out... The market has changed a lot in the last year."

LA homeowners have equity worth a cool $760B

That’s nearly double that of New Yorkers.

LA home prices still on the rise—but at the slowest rate in years

The median sale price in LA County was $585,000 in February.

San Fernando Valley sees record-low home sales—even as prices drop

Single-family home prices are down 6 percent.

LA mortgages are the nation’s third least affordable

Only in San Jose and San Francisco do families spend a higher share of their income on mortgage payments, a new report finds.

The price of a typical home in Los Angeles falls to $579,500

Single-family homes are fetching far lower prices now than they were during the summer, when Los Angeles real estate values reached an all-time high.

30 percent of Angelenos with $100K salaries now rent—rather than own

The number of renters with salaries that top $100,000 has swelled 33 percent.

LA real estate market may be shifting toward buyers

More homes are on the market, and fewer are selling above asking price.

As sales plunge, LA home prices are inching up at the slowest rate in years

LA County’s median sale price was $581,500 in December.

The condo market appears to be softening in LA

Sales dropped nearly 25 percent in December.

Is it cheaper to rent or buy in Los Angeles?

A new report crunches the numbers.

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The Los Angeles home-buying guide

Everything you need to know before launching a house hunt in LA.

Dreaming of buying a house in Los Angeles in 2019? Here’s what to expect

Home values are cooling off—but even a small change in interest rates could drive up mortgage payments.

Home sales in LA are sagging, but prices haven’t budged

The number of homes sold in November fell 16 percent.

In LA, home affordability approaching an all-time low

A typical mortgage costs nearly 75 percent of the median income.

This map shows home prices in every LA neighborhood

See how Long Beach stacks up to the Valley.

LA among the world’s top real estate markets for the super-rich

A new report shows the one percent love LA.

Will LA’s housing market cool down in 2019?

A new report predicts how much home prices will grow next year.

LA County has 18 of the nation’s most expensive zip codes

More than any other county in the country.

LA home prices stay put in October

Is Southern California’s competitive real estate market softening?

Good news for LA buyers? The number of homes on the market is way up

More homes listed can translate into falling prices.

San Fernando Valley home prices cool off after record-setting summer

Median price: $678,000.