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Edison now facing at least seven lawsuits over Woolsey Fire

The latest suit claims Southern California Edison and Boeing failed to protect the public from the threat of wildfire.

Cars can’t be the only way to evacuate LA

Wildfires and earthquakes highlight the danger of the region’s auto dependency.

Malibu residents vow not to evacuate in next fire

"We’re more than capable and motivated to hold our own," one resident says.

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Woolsey Fire

Historic adobe, Paramount Ranch burn in Malibu fire

Here’s an updated list of important places and local landmarks destroyed by the Woolsey Fire.

Here’s how the Woolsey Fire stacks up to LA’s most destructive wildfires

The massive blaze is truly historic.

Woolsey Fire measures over 150 square miles—roughly the size of Denver

This map shows where the 96,949-acre blaze has burned.

Tally of buildings destroyed in Woolsey fire swells to 1,500

The blaze has singed nearly 97,000 acres, from beaches to the Valley.

Paramount Ranch, destroyed in Woolsey Fire, will be rebuilt

The Western movie set might be up and running again in two years.

Woolsey Fire latest example of California’s age of ‘megafires’

So far in 2018, fires in the state have scorched an unprecedented 1.3 million acres—five times the five-year average.