Curbed LA: All Posts by Marissa Gluck Love where you live 2010-02-05T16:00:25-08:00 2010-02-05T16:00:25-08:00 2010-02-05T16:00:25-08:00 New Club Coming To Blowfish Space, Hot Dogs In The 'Dena, Mignon Stops Construction <img alt="" src="" /> <p><em>The latest dish from </em><a href=""><em>Eater LA</em></a><em>, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog... </em></p> <p> <em><strong>HOLLYWOOD</strong></em>: Taking over the old Blowfish space on Sunset, Guy's nightclub owner Guy Starkman is <a href="">planning on opening</a> an as-yet-unnamed club (pictured). Expect the velvet rope to go up in about a month. </p> <p> <em><strong>PASADENA</strong></em>: <a href="">Opening</a> tomorrow, <strong>The Slaw Dog</strong> brings gourmet hot beef injections to Pasadena. Mmmm, beefy.</p> <p> <em><strong>DOWNTOWN</strong></em>: It looks like wine bar <strong>Mignon</strong> has hit a couple of <a href="">permitting snags</a>, with construction stopped midway and no signs of life. Meanwhile, owners Santos Uy and Danny Kronfli are rumored to be opening a second outpost of <strong>Bacaro</strong> on the east side. </p> <p> <em><strong>LOS ANGELES</strong></em><strong>:</strong> Food trucks are so 2009. Meet the <a href="">bustaurant</a>. <br>· <a href="">Eater LA</a> [Official Site]</p> Marissa Gluck 2010-02-05T15:01:09-08:00 2010-02-05T15:01:09-08:00 Do You Love LA? Frank Escher Does. <img alt="" src="" /> <p></p> <p><a href="">To celebrate the launch of <em>LA mag's</em> online short film competition, Get LA, mid-century mod enthusiast and "Ask Chris" columnist <strong>Chris Nichols</strong> has put together his ode to the city we all love.</a> Nichols asked 21 "of the city’s optimists, futurists, and dreamers" to perform a 1956 song used by GM as a "paean to the world of tomorrow." Included in the video are architects <strong>Frank Escher and Dion Neutra,</strong> City Councilman <strong>Tom LaBonge</strong> (a pleasantly raspy baritone), and LA Conservancy executive director <strong>Linda Dishman</strong>, among others. The magazine is accepting entries from now through March 3, must be no longer than three minutes, and should be about LA. [LA Mag]</p> Marissa Gluck 2010-02-05T12:40:22-08:00 2010-02-05T12:40:22-08:00 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dungeon in Woodland Hills? <img alt="" src="" /> <p><script type="text/javascript" src="/gallery.js.php?url=&lt;%24MTEntryPermalink%24&gt;&amp;set=72157623361557452"></script></p> <p>When we spied the exterior of this eight-bedroom, seven-and-half bath we consulted with an expert to try to figure out what exactly was going on, architecturally-speaking. Neoclassical Revival columns and balustrades, she thought. Mediterranean roof. French-inspired quoins flanking the entrance. The mashed-up exterior didn't even hint at the wonders to be found inside. But here's our dirty little secret. We sort of love it. It's a fine line between something <a href="">truly hideous</a> and something that is actually <strong>secretly spectacular</strong>. What's the difference? Like the Supreme Court <a href="">definition of pornography</a>, we can't explain it. We only know it when we see it. With a "palace" this majestic, we can only imagine the dungeon that lies beneath. According to the <a href="">listing</a>, the house was "designed by top industry designers and transformed into a true royal mediteranean palace with no expense spared." The designers also had "a meticulous approach to fine details that created <strong>the emotional and rich ambience this palace exudes.</strong>" The owner, who was <a href=";fta=y">profiled in the <em>NY Times</em></a> a decade ago for quitting yeshiva to become a tech millionaire at the age of 18, is also hoping to make a hefty profit on this investment. Purchased in 2007 for $2.25 million, today's asking price is <strong>$6.5 million or $801 per square foot.</strong> That's almost triple neighborhood comps. <br>· <a href="">5223 Winnetka Ave Woodland Hills, CA 91364</a> [Redfin] </p> Marissa Gluck 2010-02-04T13:34:12-08:00 2010-02-04T13:34:12-08:00 Jeff Lewis-Renovated "Hacienda" In Bel Air <img alt="" src="" /> <p><script type="text/javascript" src="/gallery.js.php?url=&lt;%24MTEntryPermalink%24&gt;&amp;set=72157623227714547"></script></p> <p>Located just down the road from the <a href="">Robert Byrd house</a> that sold earlier this week, is this four-bedroom, three-bath home recently renovated by "Flipping Out's" Jeff Lewis. We don't watch the show (hey, it's no "<a href="">Million Dollar Listing</a>") but according to <a href="">Wikipedia</a>, </p> <blockquote>this was a remodel for "Jackie" in Season 3, of a 60-70's Spanish house in Bel Air, CA. Jeff quotes this to be "One of the most expensive zip codes in los Angeles." <strong>The budget was $100,000.</strong> After many problems with Jackie not paying for her remodel on time, Jeff paid the contractors out of his own pocket until she could come up with the money. The house is now completed and Jeff and his workers were finally compensated.</blockquote>According to the <a href="">listing</a>, the house features "authentic carved wood doors," an open floor plan, a fireplace in the living room, marble counter tops in the kitchen and hardwood floors. The owner bought the house in 2005 for $1.618 million and seems to be hoping for a hefty profit. Today's asking price:<strong> $2.175 million or $852 per square foot</strong>. According to Redfin, comps are $529 per square foot. <br>· <a href="">940 N Stradella Rd Los Angeles, CA 90077</a> [Redfin] Marissa Gluck 2010-02-04T12:00:05-08:00 2010-02-04T12:00:05-08:00 "Custom Contemporary" In Baldwin Hills <img alt="" src="" /> <p><script type="text/javascript" src="/gallery.js.php?url=&lt;%24MTEntryPermalink%24&gt;&amp;set=72157623350660726"></script></p> <p>Ever wonder what you would get if you crossed a "Miami Vice"-era drug kingpin's pad with Frank Lloyd Wright? No? It turns out you get a <strong>hot mess</strong>. This three-bedroom, three-bath REO in Baldwin Hills is currently marketed as an "entertainer's delight." The three-story home was apparently "<strong>built by a former professional Los Angeles basketball player</strong>" and includes a pool, three fireplaces and three balconies. A tipster tells us the former owner was <a href="">Benoit Benjamin,</a> who played for the Clippers when this house was built. There's also a five person shower, a spa tub and "his and her closets" (maybe it should be "his and her and her and her and her closets considering the shower). The <a href="">listing</a> warns the property is sold as is. The house was last sold in 2004 for $699,000 and prior to that, for $312,000 in 1998. Today's asking price: <strong>$734,900 or $257 per square foot.</strong> We just can't figure out who would buy this when there's <a href="">this sweet mid-century house</a> just a few blocks away. <br>· <a href="">4570 Don Ricardo Dr Los Angeles, CA 90008 </a>[Redfin] </p> Marissa Gluck 2010-02-03T14:25:31-08:00 2010-02-03T14:25:31-08:00 Bronson Canyon Depression-Era Deco Sells Below List <img alt="" src="" /> <p>One of our <a href="">favorite recent homes for sale</a>, a<strong> Joseph J. Babolnay-designed Art Deco</strong> home in Bronson Canyon sold yesterday. The 1937 two-bedroom, two-bath was designed by the same architect who designed New York's famous Earl Carroll Theater, and features a sun room/office, a separate guest studio with bath, and multi-level patios and garden. There is also a sister house next door designed by Babolnay. The original asking price was $985,000 or $629 per square foot (the previous owners had bought it in 1997 for $390,000). <a href="">Final sales price</a>: <strong>$896,000 or $572 per square foot.</strong> <br>· <a href="">5880 Locksley Pl Los Angeles, CA 90068</a> [Redfin]</p> Marissa Gluck 2010-02-03T12:51:24-08:00 2010-02-03T12:51:24-08:00 Palatial French Estate in Bel Air Brings On The Bling <img alt="" src="" /> <p><script type="text/javascript" src="/gallery.js.php?url=&lt;%24MTEntryPermalink%24&gt;&amp;set=72157623344333296"></script></p> <p>When we first saw this 14 bedroom, 16.5 bath estate in Bel Air, we were rendered speechless. We had no speech. And not in the good way. All we could think was why would anyone want to live like <strong>Marie Antoinette</strong> by way of the <strong>Sultan on Brunei</strong> on a <strong>Vegas</strong> bender? WHY? It's more confounding than last night's premiere of "LOST." (An alternate reality? Really? Now there are TWICE as many ways for everyone to suffer?) Speaking of suffering, check out that bedroom. It looks like it was shoved into a hallway, albeit a rather elaborate hallway. According to the <a href="">listing</a>, the estate is sited on two contiguous parcels. The main house has a "spectacular reception area, formal dining room for large scale entertaining and dramatic great room/theatre with balconies." There's also a two-story guest house that overlooks the pool and has two separate apartments. Additionally, there's a separate gym with spa, fountains, koi pond and gardens. Asking price is <strong>$29.5 million</strong> and there is an additional 30,060 square foot parcel available for another <strong>$6.5 million.</strong> <br>· <a href="">10425 Revuelta Way Los Angeles, CA 90077</a> [Redfin]</p> Marissa Gluck 2010-02-02T17:10:34-08:00 2010-02-02T17:10:34-08:00 Morphosis Ditching Santa Monica, Moving to Culver City? <img alt="" src="" /> <p>In addition to the rumor that <a href="">architecture firm Morphosis</a> may be picked to design <a href="">Eli Broad's new art museum</a>, the latest chatter is that the firm will be leaving its Santa Monica digs and heading east. We hear the firm will be moving to the eastern end of Culver City (will Eric Owen Moss and Thom Mayne be neighbors over at Hayden Tract?). Calls and emails to the company weren't returned. The firm currently has its headquarters at 2041 Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica. <br>·<a href=""> Morphosis Architects archives </a>[Curbed LA]</p> Marissa Gluck 2010-02-02T15:19:11-08:00 2010-02-02T15:19:11-08:00 Two-Story Townhome in Hollywood <img alt="" src="" /> <p><script type="text/javascript" src="/gallery.js.php?url=&lt;%24MTEntryPermalink%24&gt;&amp;set=72157623212711833"></script></p> <p>Let's evaluate this three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath townhome, shall we? First the pros. It's certainly centrally located, right behind the Roosevelt Hotel, which means its close to public transit, shopping, and Fresh 'n' Easy. According to the <a href="">listing</a>, it has windows on three sides and only shares a single common wall. It also has a step-down living room with a fireplace and balcony, hardwood floors and a formal dining room. The master bedroom suite also has a wrap-around balcony. And it's priced below comps. So what are the cons? The unit seems to be facing the street, which might be noisy? Parking can be a bitch in that neighborhood too. The bedrooms and bathroom look pretty generic. The living room looks pretty, um, cozy. And we hate the carpeting in the bedrooms. The unit was last sold in Feb 2008 for $400,000. Today's asking price is <strong>$449,000 or $334 per square foot </strong>(almost $100 less than comps). Listing is <a href="">here</a>. <br></p> <p class="legacy-poll"><img src=";chs=800x288&amp;chco=0000CD,FF0000,008000&amp;chd=t:38.8,44.9,16.3&amp;cht=p3" alt="Poll results"></p> Marissa Gluck 2010-02-02T14:06:56-08:00 2010-02-02T14:06:56-08:00 Byrd House in Bel Air Sells Above List <img alt="" src="" /> <p><script type="text/javascript" src="/gallery.js.php?url=&lt;%24MTEntryPermalink%24&gt;&amp;set=72157623203727617"></script></p> <p>Someone just scored a sweet <strong><a href="">Robert Byrd</a>-designed</strong> home overlooking Stone Canyon Reservoir. Yes, it needs a little makeover, since this was the first time the house was <a href="">on the market</a> in 40 years. The house was owned by <strong>Vic Mizzy,</strong> a songwriter and composer best known for writing the theme to the "Addams Family" - which you will now have stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You're welcome. Mr. Mizzy died last fall at the age of 93, prompting his daughter to sell the Byrd house. (Check out <a href="">Mr. Mizzy at the piano</a> in what looks like his home). The three-bedroom, four-bath house built in 1953 includes a guest unit, while the third bedroom is currently being used as a formal dining room. The house also includes a swimming pool, grassy yard and that view of the Reservoir. Asking price was $1.595 million. Final sales price: <strong>$1.645 million or $624 per square foot </strong>(about $100 per square foot over comps). <br>· <a href="">2170 Stradella Rd Los Angeles, CA 90077</a> [Redfin]</p> Marissa Gluck