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LA’s many varieties of Victorian mansions, mapped

A guide to some of the very finest.

The stories behind LA’s famous (and strange) street names

They are named after cult leaders, old Mexican ranchos, and the pets and family members of real estate subdividers.

The surviving beach shacks of Los Angeles

In the era of multimillion-dollar seaside homes, the early days of beachfront housing sound too good to be true.

How LA became the land of strip malls

As car ownership boomed, unremarkable commercial centers became an integral part of the LA landscape.

How LA neighborhoods got their names

From Beverly Hills to Compton, the origin stories of more than a dozen Los Angeles cities and neighborhoods.

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The lost bath houses of Los Angeles

Elaborate indoor swimming pools once dotted the coast.

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Betty Hill’s ‘bath house’ battle

Betty Hill put up a remarkable fight to open public pools to children of all races.

How LA addressed its housing shortage with a single megadevelopment

In the 1950s, Park La Brea was built to house 10,000 residents in 18 high-rises and dozens of garden apartments.

An urban oasis

Village Green is an affordable "garden city" in the heart of Los Angeles.

How the aviation industry shaped Los Angeles

The fascinating, strangely forgotten history is recounted in a new four-part documentary produced by KCET.