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Los Angeles Affordable Housing

LA sued over program that’s adding denser housing near transit

Fix the City has repeatedly taken Los Angeles to court over some of its more transformative planning proposals. Now it’s targeting a development incentive program.

Deal to stop rent increases at Chinatown apartment complex falling apart

Tenants were supposed to be safe from rent increases—but they’re facing one now.

Downtown LA’s creepy Hotel Cecil might finally reopen in 2021

The developer would not say if stylish micro-units are still part of the plans, but half of the existing rooms will reopen to hotel guests.

‘These are your HHH dollars at work’

Backed by $12 million in Measure HHH funding, 85 apartments for homeless and low-income residents get underway in El Sereno.

City controller ‘skeptical’ of progress combating LA’s homeless crisis

The remark came after releasing an audit skewering the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s methods for tracking outreach to homeless residents.

Handsome new affordable housing complex the Coronel makes its Hollywood debut

Designed by KFA, the 54-unit development adapted two historic Pueblo-style bungalows into the site along with two sleek modern structures.

Kanye West in trouble for building ‘Star Wars’-inspired dome houses in Calabasas

Inspectors were tipped off by complaints about "gumdrop-shaped" dwellings.

LA will explore inclusionary zoning citywide

That could mean requiring residential developers to make a portion of new units in their buildings affordable to low-income renters.

Downtown’s low-income Barclay Hotel to become ‘4.5-star, luxury’ boutique hotel

The 122-year-old hotel sits at the border of Skid Row and the Historic Core.

657 rent-controlled apartments stripped from LA’s rental market in three months

That’s seven units lost per day.

South LA bungalow court could be LA’s first in 70 years

At one time, it was the most common form of multifamily housing in Southern California.

Head of LA’s housing authority calls HUD proposal ‘despicable’

The federal proposal to strip housing assistance for immigrant families could impact 11,000 people in the city of Los Angeles.

The big problem with affordable housing

8,597 income-restricted units in Los Angeles may no longer be affordable in the next five years.

Councilmember pushing to tax landlords who keep apartments vacant

Landlords, he says, are keeping "housing units empty while tens of thousands of Angelenos are forced to live on the streets because of the high cost of housing."

‘It would be naive to ignore the connection between evictions and homelessness’

A new report implores officials to adopt a permanent rent control measure in LA County.

Will a recession fix LA’s housing crisis?

"A recession tends to be a buyer’s market," says Jerry Nickelsburg, director of UCLA’s Anderson Forecast.

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The May massacre of California’s housing bills

Democrats hold a supermajority—but failed to exercise any of their power to fix the housing crisis.

Affordable housing—and parking—proposed at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall

County supervisors will consider building housing for veterans in the building’s parking lot.

Long Beach will require landlords to pay tenants’ moving fees

Tenants who move out to avoid big rent hikes will get as much as $4,500.

Report: LA needs 516,946 affordable homes to meet demand

For many low-wage earners, the price of most market rate units is out of reach.

Renters in Long Beach could get relocation payments if rent hikes force them to move

"Some people have called this tenant welfare... I would call this relief and improvement of quality of life," councilmember says.

Affordable housing in LA keeps rents low—but it comes with an expiration date

"I’m not going to be able to pay," says one Chinatown tenant, whose rent is about to triple.

Santa Monica temporarily bans micro-apartments that aren’t affordable

"It would be irresponsible of us not to take some action given what this could say for the housing balance downtown," councilmember says.

65-unit supportive housing project opens in East Hollywood

This is just phase one of a development to house homeless residents in Los Angeles.

Committee backs Chinatown’s College Station development without any affordable housing

A separate city commission had supported the project on the condition that it include some apartments for very low-income families.

12 LA County cities could face new pressure from the state to build housing

They include some of the wealthiest cities in the county.

LA is losing thousands of affordable apartments for lower-income residents

Most affordable apartments are only guaranteed to stay that way for a few decades.

Voters approved incentives for density near transit stops—now some projects in jeopardy

"Thousands of homes... will be held up until this issue is resolved."

California’s new governor: ‘We’re not playing small ball on housing’

Newsom wants to strip transportation funding from cities that fail to meet housing production goals.

In LA, home affordability approaching an all-time low

A typical mortgage costs nearly 75 percent of the median income.

LA County’s rent control measure is now in effect

The temporary ordinance limits rent hikes to 3 percent annually.

Planning commission backs Chinatown development—if developer includes affordable housing

The developer of College Station initially planned none.

California lawmakers will revisit polarizing transit density bill

A proposal to allow dense development around transit stops is back.

Q&A: The struggle to desegregate LA neighborhoods

A new book documents how black residents battled violence, abuse, and discrimination in LA’s housing market for nearly a century.

Planning commission recommends banning ADUs in some hillside areas

But it rejected a blanket ban in all hillside neighborhoods.

Power lines preventing LA homeowners from building ADUs

Homeowners are rushing to build "granny flats," but hundreds of permits are being denied.

Here’s the new shopping center coming to Jordan Downs

The new grocery store and shops should be complete next year.

County supervisors move ahead with plan to reuse County General Hospital as housing

The hospital could help fill the "tremendous need for homeless, low income, and high-need population residential options."

California’s next governor plans unprecedented housing boom

3.5 million new homes by 2025—is that even possible?